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ADT Security – Feel Safe at home

Due to recently enacted municipal budgetary constraints it was announced at a recent town counsel meeting that local police services would have to be cut back in the small town that I have lived in for the past twenty-three years. This meant that although the regular police protection wouldn’t be effected, overtime hours would have to be eliminated starting the first of the year.

It wasn’t long into the new year that my neighbors home was broken into while they were away for the weekend, which left my nerves somewhat rattled. It was three days later in the same week that I was pulled over for a traffic ticket when I was running late for work that I had enough and I couldn’t help but let the cop know just how I felt.

“Why are you bothering people on their way to work when there are criminals loose in the community”? He told me that his pay has been cut 20% by the deal and if he had his way he’d be out chasing the bad guys but that he was assigned to traffic duty now and if I wanted his job I could have it. As a condolence, he let me off with a warning and gave me a great tip. He told me that I should get a security system on my house and he also recommended ADT Specials, because he had been on a few of their calls and said that every time it was immediate action that made the difference.

I took his advice and gave ADT Security a call as soon as I got to work to set up an appointment. It took no convincing and the system was installed that very week and after I saw all that was in it and how it functioned, I realized that I should have had it installed years ago. It not only provides complete round the clock monitored security protection on the home itself, with a high tech ADT invisible security blanket but it also comes with complete fire protection as well.

Sensors in the home can detect a fire as soon as it starts and will automatically call the fire department. Carbon monoxide detectors in the home keep me protected from poisonous gas that is generated by my gas heater if it should malfunction for any reason. It turns out that people die every year from carbon monoxide gas because it is colorless and odorless and kills people while they sleep.

Its wireless, so even if the phone line is cut ADT security people still get the call if a burglar should strike and it even comes with a back up battery, so it is fool proof. I can even call the system on my cell phone when I am out of town any time I want to check on my home. As it turns out I ran into the cop again when I stopped in at the local donut shop (lol) on my way to work not long after the system was installed and I was able to thank him for the tip on ADT Deals.

2 comments to ADT Security – Feel Safe at home

  • Josh Maxwell

    I found your site on Google and read a few of your other entires. Nice Stuff. I’m looking forward to reading more from you.

  • San Diego Security Company

    Thanks for sharing! nowadays security is such an issue and there’s a lot of confusion about good practices. Thanks for helping to add some clarity. Your opinions are appreciated.

    Keep Rockin!


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