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How to select the right Alarm Company

With public interest in protection against fire and crime at an all-time high, it is no surprise that the alarm field is one of the country’s fastest growing industries.

And while there are a good many experienced, reputable and reliable companies in almost every community, there are inevitably some people who are out to take advantage of the concerned home owner. So you must beware of the “fast buck operator” and be sure that what appears to be a bargain doesn’t run out to be a costly mistake in the long run.

In addition, select a well-established company with a record of successful operation behind it. The failure rate among companies entering the field is high and you don’t want to be left with a system that requires service with no one to do the job.

To help you make the right decision, there are a number of steps you can take. Don’t wait until a salesman is in your home before you start thinking about the standing of his company. Check beforehand. Business and Trade Association are excellent places to check on a company BEFORE you invite anyone into your home. In this way, you can eliminate in advance the likelihood of being “pressured” by an unsavory or disreputable company.

Make sure any employees who have access to your home are bonded.

While it is possible today to obtain alarm component for “do-it-yourself” installation, such systems can provide a false sense of security. They normally do not provide full coverage of the home, may not be of the same quality as a dealer-installed system, and be false alarm prone unless in stalled by a person of sufficient technical skill.

Here are some additional points to consider when choosing an alarm company:

  • Does the alarm company have errors and omissions insurance?
  • Are there any hidden costs?
  • Does the alarm company meet industry accepted standards? Underwriter’s Laboratories of Canada certification is a quality assurance program that will ensure that your alarm and monitoring company are following standards in installation, equipment use and business practices.
  • Does the alarm company provide a 24 hour customer support/service number?
  • Does the alarm company have an adequate training program in use and operation of their alarm system?
  • Does the alarm monitoring company have access to a bonded and insured key holder service?
  • Is alternative first response service available?
  • A security system designed for your specific needs using today’s technology and proper installation will give you piece of mind for years to come; and provide trouble free operation.

3 comments to How to select the right Alarm Company

  • Allison Sellers

    I love your site, I have addeded it to my bookmarks and will come again soon. Keep up the good work.

  • Thomas

    Thanks for this article, those are all valid points to check.

    However, I must admit that even with this checklist, it appears that the quality of services is really variable, and I think it has to do with several other factors. BTW I am in Canada and currently using ADT, but I want to change for either VoxCom or Protectron as I had really good feedback.

    Other quality factors:

    - The staff: Its incredible how the staff affects the quality. Sometimes I get a really efficient services, and sometimes I think I’m talking to a dog

    - The location: I’m wondering if this may impact…but I used to live in a very wealthy area, and received extremely good services, but since then, I moved to a relatively poor area, and the quality of the service is now really bad, as if they did not care about my business

  • Jack

    Thank you for your advice, but I have to look at the Company has a history of work, and a good response from customers who use the services of his

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