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What do you look for in a Home Security offer?

There’s plenty of Home Security dealers out in the net, and even offline. It becomes increasingly difficult to decide which offer is better, or which offer fits your need. This means you have to set yourself some guidelines beforehand in order to distinguish what it is you are looking for. So what is it that most attracts your attention as the ‘winning’ offer?

  1. More Equipment: If you have a rather large house, or many points of entry that could be attractive for burglars, then perhaps what you need to look for is an offer that provides the most base equipment to protect your house. Never mind those shiny gifts, the vacation coupons you’ll never use, or the glittery text, what you need is the most complete setup of alarm system equipment you can get. And if it seems that most dealers offer the same amount of equipment, why not try calling a few and see who is willing to be more flexible?
  2. Cheaper Monitoring: With most dealers offering free basic equipment, in the long run, the most expensive part of getting home security is the monthly monitoring fee. This is a tricky option however, as usually the amount you pay is going to reflect on the monitoring services provided. You will be hard pressed to find an ADT monitoring fee for less than $31.99 as that is their set base price. Alarm Force has monitoring fee of $25 yet their monitoring stations are not necessarily comparable with those offered by the larger company. So here the question is, how much are you willing to pay to protect your family?
  3. Quality Customer Service: This is something not many think of at first, and it’s a quite important thing to keep in mind. Once you have the alarm system installed in your home, and monitoring in place, how will the company you chose perform when there’s a problem? Look into prices of things such as extended warranties, service calls and the like, as these can come at an additional cost, and you should be informed of them beforehand so there are no surprises later. A good way of finding out how a company will treat you after signing up with you is calling them to talk to their representatives. How do they treat you? How quick do they answer your questions and concerns?
  4. Quick and painless installation: Installing an alarm system in your home means time and patience on your part. You will want a company that can install everything fairly quickly and without disrupting your family or your home decor. Make sure they can explain everything they do and teach you how to use the system, so you know how it all works. Alarm System Canada has a page with stories of those who have had systems installed by them. Check your other dealers and see if they have something similar, or ask them how the installation will take place over the phone.

These are just some of the basic things you should keep in mind when looking for offers on the net. Don’t be shy and call the dealers if you have questions, or contact them over mail. You want the best for your home, so you should take the time to investigate a bit more in-depth than what is displayed on the web.

If you have any other things you look for in a Home Security offer, leave a comment!

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